Family Learning Programme

Providing Traveller children with the necessary tools, skills, self esteem and cultural support so that they can achieve their potential.

Our Three-fold Approach



Our education peer support workers work with the children on their practical skills and ensure they have the space to learn and grow in their love of learning.


We are a Traveller led project, and ensure that our culture and pride in our identity is at the core. The children are supported to know and love who they are as Travellers


We support the Children and community to ensure they are equipped with what they need to support their own wellbeing, resilience and develop their emotional literacy as well.


Pride in who we are

About Us


Traveller Children across Ireland face huge barriers in achieving their education potential. They are often subject to reduced school hours, particularly at secondary school level, and face exclusion from academic, social and cultural aspects of school life. The existing educational system does not address the needs of Travellers.

The Family Learning Programme provides children with the necessary tools, skills, self esteem and cultural support so that they can feel a determination that they deserve an education and to be part of Irish society. In doing so, the programme creates opportunity for Traveller women to develop their skills as Education Peer Support Workers delivering the programme.

By bolstering their cultural and academic confidence, these children will grow up to become part of an equal Irish society that will mean a better future for all.

Our Voices

Our Strategy


The Family Learning Programme has changed the lives of a number of families in the Tipperary area. We have done this by removing the barriers that exist for Traveller children in the Irish school system. Four peer tutors, women from the Traveller community, lead the sessions where children and their families are provided with supports for reading, writing, listening, and pride in their Traveller culture.

We have a plan to ensure a brighter future for Travellers in Ireland, learn more at the link below.

How we work


Tipperary Rural Traveller Project (TRTP) works with the Traveller community to address such key issues as health and accommodation and to promote and protect Traveller culture.

TRTP was set up to:

  • Promote self-determination, self-esteem, and leadership amongst the Traveller community
  • Ensure equal access to quality services, facilities and progression opportunities for members of the Traveller community through advocating with and behalf of Travellers, promoting equality and human rights
  • Positively promote and protect Traveller culture through building capacity in the Traveller community and awareness in the settled community

In recent years, TRTP has undertaken actions to address the issue of Mental Health in the Traveller community, to promote Traveller culture and to challenge prejudice, and to counter the barriers and challenges faced by Traveller children in the mainstream school system.

TRTP engages with children through Outreach visits, Family resource settings, Youthwork settings, Library settings, Outdoor events organised by us in children’s Halting sites, such as Santa Visits, The Wish Tree, Outdoor Summer CamThe Traveller Family Learning Programme is delivered by Education Peer Support Workers and aims to support children and their families so that children can reach their potential in the education system. In the Programme, the Education Peer Support Workers listen to and hear children’s needs in a culturally appropriate way.

The children who take part in the Traveller Family Learning Programme are aged 4 to 14. However, we engage with Traveller children from when they are infants to adulthood in the broad range of our work within our organisation. All the children in our programme are from a Traveller background.

Testimonials from our Education Peer support Leaders


What I lost out growing up in school the readin and writin, which my own kids are goin to get now, We ran it now a couple of year,we’ve gone far with it now and I hope to God it goes nationwide and plus the children are benefitting , big time. We had ones that came from primary school now they’re in the Tech, did their leaving, did their junior cert and they’re workin , have their own jobs.And we have girls that went to it as workers, helpers we’re training them in  to the work. And I hope to God it keeps going for the childer. We’re benefitting a lot from it the readin, the writin and we’ve great workers by our side.

- Bridget Monaghan (Ninny)